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Get to know live weather information, forecast and more

Weather app is a beautiful and simple application help to know live weather information, forecast and more. Weather app will automatically detect device current location or users can search for any locations and gives detailed weather info and forecast.


* Beautiful UI

Weather app comes with an amazing user interface. There are 3 easily accessible tabs. Home - where all current weather information displays with an overview of hourly and daily forecast. Hourly - where detailed hourly forecast is displayed. Daily - where detailed daily forecast is displayed.

* Detailed report

Weather app displays all information of weather like temperature, atmospheric pressure, weather condition, visibility distance, humidity, dew point, wind speed & direction, UV index and more

* Hourly forecast 

Weather app can look upto another 48 hours weather forecast. Check hourly temperature and weather conditions

* Daily forecast

Get next 7 days of weather forecast with dedicated page for each day's weather info with more details. Look upto next 7 days forecast for temperature, weather conditions and more 

* Location Management

Weather app comes with dedicated location page where users can manage locations. Users can search for locations, search history, favourites and more